Focused on Iceland gold & energy metals exploration while developing extraction technologies that are reducing environmental impact of mining activities.

Our Focus

  • Develop our mineral projects with the aim to reduce the footprint.
  • Actively looking for projects that can fit the eco-green criteria.
  • Maximise the value of by fully utilising all available resources within conventional mineral deposits.
  • Invest in green sustainable energy projects worldwide.
  • 15% stake in hydro dam project in Iceland, one of the countries with the highest ratio of green energy.
  • SX is developing technologies to help unlock value in unconventional resources by strategically developing technology gaps and coupling these developments with existing well-proven solutions.
  • Reducing chemical and energy needs while increasing recoveries.
    • Examples –
      • Clay and Hard Rock lithium resources.
      • High iron problem resources such as nickel bearing resources.
  • A development agreement with Iconic Minerals TSX.v:ICM using SX technology at its Bonnie Claire world-class deposit.
  • ZeU Crypto Networks Inc. (40%).
    • Blockchain technology developer.
  • Borealis ehf (100%).
    • A blockchain based, derivatives exchange using blockchain technology owned by ZeU.
  • Iceland Hydro
    • Planning stage power plant that would provide 9.9 MW, with a possibility to enlarge it to 20 MW later on.

CSE CSE quoted Natural Resource company. Focusing on its base metal projects, investing in eco-green technology and energy. Harmony with Nature is a key ideology for investing in the future. Hydro 15% shareholders in a 19.9 Mw Hydro powerplant project being developed in Iceland. 100% Green energy.
Au 100% owned Subsidiary Iceland Resources ehf. Exploring for gold in Iceland. Controlling all mineral tenures in the country.

Over 8.000 km2 license.

ZeU ZeU Crypto Networks, a blockchain protocol company. SX is listing ZeU to the CSE. Expected shareholding to be less than 40% after listing with SX shareholders to hold the remaining shares.
NI With 2 nickel properties in Quebec and nickel demand on the increase, SX is well equipped to be a serious player in the nickel industry. Our technical teams are reviewing our metallurgical patents to help improve recoveries and clean up acid forming waste rock in the nickel mining industry. Borealis Borealis ehf is a blockchain based, derivative marketplace. Seeking to be regulated by Icelandic and Malta Government.
KOTN Prospective gold developments in Quebec. With significant gold and copper potential, the management looks at further development. Tech SX is developing a new technologies and strategic partnerships for recovery of resources with a
lower chemical and energy usage, and  optimizing/reducing tailings for greener solutions. Most notable is the Iconic Minerals Ltd Bonnie Claire project, potentially the largest lithium deposit inN
the world.